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My Yellowstone Blog

This is a collection of stories and pictures of my favorite family adventures in and around Yellowstone National Park.

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Just a lil update...

Here is a little update of our life since I last wrote....which was like, what? 7 months ago? Oops, my bad. Sorry it's so late, I'm busy these days!

There are going to be a lot of random pictures, so prepare yourselves! But here's a little glimpse into our lives since last June...

My Aunt Carrie and Uncle Jeff and their kids, Charlotte and Logan from Jacksonville, FL came and visited us in September and we had such a good time with them even though it was only for a week!


Dad and his mini-me, Levi. :)

Oh, by the way, Bennett has been sleeping outside on our porch in his tent since June....yep, even right now in January when we have had -20 weather! No thanks, not me. I'm good with sleeping inside with my electric blanket and a fireplace...

This fall was one of the most beautiful falls I've seen since living in Montana, I think.


Levi likes to go beg for food when Bennett eats. Maybe it's because Bennett puts weird and extreme sauces on his food...he puts sauces on everything. Just to gross you out, he puts Tabasco sauce on his cookies. Ew.

Fiona's 7th birthday...

First frost of winter.

Dad celebrated his 48th birthday on November 20th! I made him banana pudding squares and the numbers on the cake practically drowned in the whipped cream on top.

Some friends of ours gave us a deer this fall and Dad hung and skinned it right next to the boys' room. I won't tell you what it smelled're welcome.

Processing the deer meat in our kitchen.

Bennett cooked up some of the steak for his dinner.

Dan and Dad took Bennett, Preston and I shooting in November in Yankee Jim Canyon.

First snow of the year.

You can't build a snowman without wearing your "Let It Go" hat, of course.

Bennett and I got free elk, deer, and bird licenses from our hunters safety class we took in February. Dad took us out a few times, but we didn't end up getting anything.

Christmas tree hunting at Eagle Creek in Jardine.

Levi turned 1 on December 10th!

An elk posing by Dad's pizza oven.

Opening presents on Christmas morning...

Levi's first stocking experience. :)

Most of Bennett's Christmas presents involved food...spam? Ew again.

We went ice skating and had a hockey game on Cutler Lake with the Burke's and Bierle's the day after Christmas.


  1. Hi!!!! So glad you posted!
    I really enjoyed looking at all the pictures! I like skating tow :)
    Post more soon!

  2. Hi Emma! It was great to read your post...your photos of the scenery were amazing! Wish we could make it out there again somday...Miss you and Happy New Year!!

  3. Great pictures!! Thanks Emma for taking time to do this wonderful update! Hope to see you all soon. Poppie :>))

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